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    July 14, 2022
    finance & economytechnology

    A Feature-packed Residential Air Conditioning Solutions Will Keep Homes Cool During Peak Summer Months

    With the summer months coming in, we can expect the days to get hotter and the nights to get more humid. Since we are going to be in this scenario for the coming few months, its best to be better prepared and keep our cool with the help of LG Electronics (LG) range of indoor air solution systems, the LG DUALCOOL.The LG DUALCOOL provides homes with an eco-friendly residential air conditioners (RAC) to air cooling, complete with dust protection filters that capture dust and allergens, with a key focus on energy saving and fast cooling. Thanks to its efficiency features such as a lower speed compressor with better stability, this lineup of RACs can save up to 65% more energy than conventional models. Pair this with its slim and sleek design and Wi-Fi enabled smart features, you have the answer to all your home cooling needs.Concerned about keeping your house cool? Here are some pro-tips that can maximize your DualCool.Stay indoors as much as you canA no-brainer, but the big secret to keeping cool, is to not be in the heat. Stay indoors with your LG DUALCOOL running, and you are guaranteed to escape from the heat outdoors. Thanks to the Dual Inverter Compressor, using the LG DUALCOOL at home cuts energy consumption and ensures fast and effective cooling, no matter what the temperature is outside.Keep it runningOn the other hand, when you do head out, keep your LG DUALCOOL running on a low power mode, ensuring that you don’t come back into a sauna by the end of the day. Thanks to its power efficient capabilities, the LG DUALCOOL will keep your house cool without heating up your electricity bill. Additionally, the filters will ensure that your house stays clean and free from dust and allergens.Turn it up as you enterDo you often look around for the AC remote or fiddle with the wall controls as soon as you come home? With the LG DUALCOOL, you can use the Wi-Fi enabled smart controller instead, giving you quick and easy access to all the functions that you would need to keep the house cool.Moreover, the LG DUALCOOL come in attractive, slim and sleek designs, complementing any household design ethos, being more than just a functional addition to your home.The LG DUALCOOL also come with a 10 year warranty for the invertor compressor, thanks to a verification obtained from TUV Rheinland for 10 year-product life cycle.To find out more about the LG DualCool please visit:https://www.lg.com/ae/tropical-split-air-conditioners About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home solutions, air solutions as well as visionary products featuring LG ThinQ AI. The company is creating various solutions with its industry leading core technologies and is committed to making life better and healthier for consumers by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances, living appliances, HVAC and air purification solutions. Together, these products deliver enhanced convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits. For more news on LG, visit www.LGnewsroom.com.

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