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    115 farmers benefited from land reclamation project in Mafraq-Official

    August 5, 2022
    finance & economy

    Mafraq, August 4 (Petra)-A total of 115 farmers in Mafraq governorate have benefited from the land reclamation and agricultural development project since the beginning of 2022, according to Mafraq Agriculture Director, Ibtihal Khraisha.

    In an interview with 'Petra' on Thursday, Khraisha said the project, implemented with a total cost of JD172,000, aims to reclaim land and achieve agricultural development in the northern governorate.

    Lands reclaimed under the project's activities reached 500 dunams, which also covered construction of 115 wells to harvest rainwater with a total capacity of 3400 cubic metres, she noted.

    This project, she said, aims primarily to help Mafraq farmers reclaim and cultivate their lands, in a bid to improve their living standards and combat poverty and unemployment in rural areas.

    The project also seeks to preserve agricultural lands from erosion and provide more water resources for irrigation by harvesting rainwater in wells, she pointed out.

    In 2022, she said the cost to dig and build a single water well rose to JD1500 up from JD1200.


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