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    Panel discussion highlights need for proper work environment

    August 6, 2022
    finance & economy

    AMMAN — Labour Minister Nayef Estitieh on Thursday stressed the importance of empowering and training youth and providing proper work environment to reduce the percentage of Jordanians’ who refrain from working at various industrial sectors.

    During a panel discussion organised by the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) over means to realise the goals of the National Employment Programme, Estitieh expressed the ministry’s readiness to sign contracts with factories to train local workforce on production lines with the aim of generating jobs for Jordanians, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. He also called on the private sector to commit to appointing vocational health and safety inspectors to ensure the safety of workers, employers and provide a safe work environment.

    ACI President Fathi Jaghbir said that guest workers at the industrial sector account only for 9 per cent of the total workforce at the sector, stressing the industrial sector’s readiness to cooperate with the government in providing new jobs for Jordanians.


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