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    Azraq solar farm saves municipality JD120,000 annually: Mayor

    September 8, 2022
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    Azraq, Sep 7 (Petra) -- Mayor of the new Azraq municipality Yahya Zain El Deen said that the establishment of a solar farm is one of the most important projects that have been implemented in the Azraq district, east of Amman.

    This farm, Zain El Deen said, covers about 95 per cent of the monthly electricity consumption of the municipality buildings and streets and save about JD120,000 annually from the value of the electricity bill.

    The project is expected to be completed at September end, after it will be connected to the local electricity network and its actual use will be initiated, Zain El Deen explained, adding that the Azraq municipality will manage and operate the project's generation station.

    During an inspection tour carried out by the working team on Wednesday, project manager, Tawfiq Khawatrah said it was part of the projects plan entitled (Municipal Services and Social Adaptation), approved by the Ministry of Local Administration.

    The plan, Khawatrah noted, aims to support municipalities that have been affected by the Syrian refugees crisis to provide services and enable them to provide jobs for Jordanians and Syrians, in addition to improving access to services and developing their quality, focusing on empowering women and youth, and enhancing the role of municipalities in supporting local development.

    He pointed out that the project cost is estimated at about $468,000 funded from the plan's budget, which and includes a guarantee of maintenance for the project for a year, while the total budget for operating the station will be borne by the municipality, which is about JD30,000 annually to be financed from the value of savings on the municipality's electricity bill.


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