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    Orange Jordan to boost investments in 5G — CEO

    September 26, 2022

    AMMAN — CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, highlighted the importance of the recently signed agreement with the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) in paving the future of telecommunications in Jordan.

    In an interview with the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Marigny said that under this agreement, the TRC will grant 5G frequencies licences, and each licensee will be committed to launching 5G services commercially in no more than 18 months from the licence date.

    He emphasised the significance of this agreement, which will introduce 5G services to the Jordanian market,in marking a new opportunity for the local ICT sector, and changing the business model of sectors where digital is an essential part.

    The 5G will be “a turning point” in the Kingdom, especially after the agreement that came to light by “the great efforts” of the telecom operators, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the TRC, he added.

    Marigny noted that this step comes under the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah, in conjunction with the announcement of the economic modernisation vision and considering that 5G services is “a pillar” of the ICT sector’s vision.

    Orange Jordan, he noted, will invest “massively” in 5G over the coming years to develop its existing infrastructure.

    He highlighted Orange Group’s support of 5G in Jordan, with the plan to increase technical investment to support Orange Jordan and render its global expertise in 5G services launched in many countries including France, Slovakia, Spain and Poland as 5G subscriptions are expected to surpass 1 billion worldwide this year.

    The CEO of Orange Jordan also talked about the cutting-edge technology’s role in driving the national economy and the added value it brings.

    “The unprecedented massive potential of 5G will enable leaps in artificial intelligence, the virtual world, and the Internet of things (IoT) through new applications and use cases across many sectors such as transportation, health, energy and education,” he said.

    “These new developments will pave the way for a fully integrated digital ecosystem across smart cities and automating operations on a larger scale, thanks to its efficiency, speed, reduced latency, and high capacity, compared to previous technologies,” Marigny added.

    According to Marigny, this technology will enable various sectors to enhance performance efficiency, reduce investment costs, increase productivity and explore new models for business in an environmentally responsible way.

    Another great way 5G will change the game, he noted, is by encouraging entrepreneurs to create new applications in many fields, such as medicine and agriculture, becoming essential in supporting investment across all economic and development prospects in the Kingdom.

    “As a responsible digital leader”, Orange Jordan already invested more than JD 1,3 billion in the Kingdom, said Marigny, and will continue with 5G to contribute to the economic modernisation vision, by supporting digital progress in Jordan to achieve socio-economic growth.


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