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    Jordan, EU co-chair UfM 7th regional forum, 3rd, final add

    November 25, 2022

    Safadi said that the current situation cannot continue and that it will inevitably lead to an outbreak of violence that will be reflected in the entire Mediterranean neighborhood.

    He stressed that dealing with migration is not by closing the borders, but rather by addressing the crises that displace people from their homes and bridging the economic gap between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

    Responding to a question, Safadi said, 'Qatar has achieved remarkable success in organizing a unique World Cup tournament that has brought joy to the hearts of millions.'

    'Qatar is the first Arab country to organize the World Cup, which is a source of pride for all of us,' Safadi said.

    He called for respecting differences and recognize pros, which are much more than cons that are being focused on, which sends the wrong message.

    He added that Qatar does not claim perfection, and no one is perfect, but it does everything in its power to bring about progress and development.

    In addition, Safadi participated in the European Union-Southern Neighbourhood Fourth Ministerial Meeting which was held in Barcelona in the framework of the 'EU policy document towards the southern neighborhood', in the presence of foreign ministers and officials from the European Union and the southern neighboring countries.

    In the meeting, Safadi lauded the strategic partnership between Jordan the EU and its effectiveness in dealing with challenges and threats facing the Mediterranean basin.

    Safadi expressed appreciation for the signing of the Partnership Priorities Document between the EU and Jordan and for the next five years, during the 14th meeting of the Jordan-European Partnership Council, which was held outside the EU institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg, and hosted by the Jordan in June.

    The foreign minister briefed the form on the comprehensive economic reforms launched by Jordan, and pointed out to the wide areas of investment in many sectors, including his human resouces, energy, agriculture and digital technology.


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