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    Royal Aero Sports Club adds gyrocopter rides to high-flying repertoire

    March 17, 2023

    Gyrocopter rides available for JD65

    AMMAN — The Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan (RASCJ) has introduced their latest aviation experience for sports enthusiasts, with the inception of gyrocopter rides, which are now available for the public near the shores of Aqaba.

    The chance to view the Red Sea, with a glimpse of the desert mountains from above, was “literally a dream” for Ayah Wael, who learned about the Royal Aero Sport Club by happenstance.

    “The view is indescribable; I never thought I would be able to see Jordan’s beautiful landscape from an open plane, breath fresh air, feel the clouds and see the reflection of the sun on the sea,” Ayah told The Jordan Times.

    In a gyrocopter a passenger will not feel any air turbulence, Ayah said, adding that she felt safe as the gyrocopter flies at a low altitude — even lower than small airplanes and helicopters — without compromising the safety of the passenger.

    Ayah described the experience of viewing Aqaba beach from the clouds as “breathtaking”.

    “The cherry on top is the fantastic view a passenger gets to see,” she said.

    Diana, an official at the RASCJ told The Jordan Times that the club introduced their latest activity in early February..

    “So far, almost 100 people have tried our gyrocopter rides,” Diana added.

    According to Diana, the ride lasts for 20 minutes and costs JD65. In addition to the gyrocopter rides, RASCJ offers hot air balloon rides in Wadi Rum.

    “Passengers get on a 60-minute ride in the hot air balloon, and it costs JD140 for each passenger,” Diana said.

    “We will introduce a skydiving experience very soon,” she added.

    Meanwhile, Ali Masad told The Jordan Times that the different perspective and view of the landscape a person gets when they’re in the sky is “pretty much amazing”.

    “You fly low enough to get close, but not too close to be in danger,” Ali added.

    During his gyrocopter ride, Ali was waving to everyone on the ground as they waved back to the “big yellow bird in the sky”.

    Ali remarked that the variations in the colour of the sea were a remarkable feature of the experience adding that “the way the sun hits the sea is like a million diamonds on the surface”.

    “I wanted to capture the moment with a photo, but scenes like that cannot be captured on film,” Ali added.


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