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    Jordan Food Bank, Talabat Jordan join hands to alleviate hunger during Ramadan

    April 18, 2021

    AMMAN — Talabat Jordan, online food and grocery delivery service provider, has announced that it has signed a support agreement with the Jordan Food Bank.

    The agreement is aimed to assist the Jordan Food Bank in achieving its goals of combating hunger in the Kingdom by allocating a service to help the bank in its implementation, said Kawther Al Qatarneh, president and co-founder of the Jordan Food Bank

    Due to the variety of initiatives and collaborative efforts between the two sides, the company will serve as a forum between those who are willing to support and those in need, as users of the application will be able to contribute quickly and easily, prompting a greater number of assistance according to their skill and financial ability, Qatarneh said

    The programme started in Ramadan 2021 with the “Good Parcels Campaign”, which includes food parcels of different sizes and prices, each containing a selection of simple ration items.

    “The parcels are available for purchase on the application for people who want to donate without the business making a profit,” Qatarneh said.

    “In light of the difficult circumstances that the pandemic has shown, as well as the difficult living condition of the families of the Jordan Food Bank, this collaboration helps relieve families and supports the local community during the holy month,” Qatarneh said.

    Hala Saraj, General Manager of “Talabat Jordan”, said: “It extends a helping hand to the Kingdom’s poor, and it embodies our charitable community in keeping up with the spirit of the holy month, which makes a positive difference in society as it is a societal and institutional obligation that leads to the resolution of societal problems, one of which is hunger,” she said.

    Regional Director of Talabat Mart service in Jordan Ihssan Sweidan said: “In view of the current situation, where the pressure has risen, the economic crisis affects everyone, especially vulnerable families, and it is a time when people seek ways to avoid having to leave their homes. This is the perfect solution for them to preserve their wellbeing while still allowing them to help and donate to their community members.”

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