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    USAID launches ''Training for Businesses in the Recycling Sector'' project

    June 10, 2021
    finance & economy

    Amman, June 9 (Petra)--The USAID Recycling in Jordan activity launched its first 'Waste Management and Recycling Acceleration' training to help firms and entrepreneurs working in the solid waste management and recycling sector expand their service offerings and run sustainable businesses.
    The two-month training will be conducted during May and June 2021 and will include virtual and physical training sessions for 11 businesses, said USAID statement.
    The project will integrate international best practices in field operations and address real life challenges that businesses face in offering their recycling services, read the statement.
    Training topics include industry analysis and evaluation, marketing and sales, business modeling, process mapping and operations, quality assurance and quality control, financial knowledge and literacy, and practical skills, such as solid waste management characterization and sorting techniques, noted the statement.
    The training will ultimately be delivered to a total of 120 businesses. USAID’s Recycling in Jordan activity uses a market systems approach to increase commercial sector utilization of recycling services in Amman, the agency pointed out.
    The agency added that the project works closely with private recycling firms, the commercial sector, the Ministry of Environment, and the Greater Amman Municipality to increase business competitiveness by strengthening market linkages and improving the business enabling environment, the agency noted.
    By transforming a largely informal network of recycling services into a competitive recycling industry, the project will contribute to sustainable solid waste management in Amman, the agency said.


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