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    Gov't endorses measures to curb prices hike of basic commodities, 1st, final add

    June 17, 2021

    On the other hand, the council of ministers decided to form a working group headed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration with the aim of intensifying field work, reviewing the situation in development and free zones and following up on the performance of these zones and the level of services provided to investors.

    The working group includes, as members, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Labour, in addition to the Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, the Director General of the Customs Department, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Free and Development Zones Group (JFDZ), and the Acting Head of the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC).

    In addition, the Council of Ministers decided to approve an amended system for the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) of 2021.

    The system comes as a mitigation of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism professions, licensed under the applicable tourism law, and as a precaution towards the risks that the tourism sector may be exposed to in the future.

    The system also comes for the purpose of providing financial facilities to the tourism sector to manage the crises it may be exposed to, and to help it maintain the sustainability of the work of the tourism professions and human resources to ensure the continuity of operation.

    In addition, the cabinet decided to approve the system of alternatives to shelter and support services for people with mental disabilities for 2021.

    The system comes in implementation of the Kingdom's commitment to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by the Kingdom earlier, and the comprehensive national plan that includes developing solutions and alternatives to governmental and private shelters.

    It also comes in implementation of the outputs of the National Committee for the development of alternatives to shelter and the integration of persons with disabilities, to identify alternatives to shelter services in governmental care homes and the conditions for their use, to transform private non-governmental housing agencies into inclusive day service agencies, and to implement community rehabilitation programs.


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