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    Gov't: Ministerial committee will work to resolve investor issues

    July 4, 2021

    Amman, July 3 (Petra) -- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration Tawfiq Kreishan called for solving all issues related to King Abdullah II City and Al Muwaqar Industrial Cities, which attract 505 investment companies and provide 19,600 job opportunities.

    Krishan added that the Prime Minister, after his visit to Mafraq Governorate, decided to form a ministerial committee consisting of a number of ministers and officials to visit economic establishments and meet with investors to identify issues and obstacles they face and deal with them at the highest levels to solve them.

    During the committee's visit to King Abdullah II and Al-Muwaqar Industrial Cities on Saturday, Kreishan stressed that work is being done to solve all the problems facing the work of the two cities and their neighbors with a number of relevant ministries, calling on investors who are facing problems to go directly to the Attorney General and file a complaint there and it will be dealt with firmly, especially since Jordan is a state of institutions and law.'

    Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Maha Ali, said that the government will spare no effort in resolving all issues facing investment, and will continue the industrial stimulus program, and there are several companies that have benefited from it, lauding the cooperation between Jordan and the Arab countries.

    Minister of Environment, Nabil Masarweh, indicated that there is pollution, noise and emissions of fumes, and such issues that cause an environmental problem must be resolved, pointing out to the need to rely on tanks as a temporary solution to transport wastewater and not to put it in other than the specified place for that, as well as reducing the number of days of environmental impact study to become ten instead of 15 days.

    Labor Minister Youssef Al-Shamali said that all employment problems were resolved and investors secured what they needed by facilitating procedures for them, noting that the ministry is doing everything it can to solve the issues facing the industrial sector and the rest of sectors.

    Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zawati, added that the government is seeking to reduce the cost of the maximum load in electricity, and will study all the comments received by investors regarding the energy sector.

    For their part, a number of residents of the cities of Sahab and Muwaqar called for appointing their sons in the industrial facilities in the two cities and reducing unemployment.


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